5404 - Closed Cell Silicone Sponge Extruded, Compression Deflection, 13-17


Bellofram Silicones extruded closed cell silicone sponge profiles are used when your difficult sealing problems require a combination of complex gasket shapes and extreme flexibility. Our diemaking capabilities allow us the ability to produce cords, rectangles, tubes, and any complex geometric shape. Our in house mixing gives you the choice of materials with a wide compression deflection rating from ASTM D 1056 2D1 soft density to ASTM D 1056 2D5 extra firm density. The self-forming skin enhances the profiles resistance to water absorption. Need to meet a BMS requirement? Bellofram is a certified supplier of BMS 1-23 and BMS 1-60 products. We offer a flame retardant version in each density range that will make sealing possible in extreme environments. An FDA version is also available when FDA compliance is required. Available in any color to aide to the aesthetics of your assembly.

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  • Handles temperature extremes
  • Ozone resistant
  • Excellent gasket material
  • Low closure force
  • Very low compression set
  • Ultraviolet ray (UV) resistant


  • ASTM D-1056
  • AMS-3196
5404 - Closed Cell Silicone Sponge Extruded, Compression Deflection, 13-17


Compression Deflection ASTM D-1056 13 to 17 PSI
Heat Age (22 Hours @ +302°F/+150°C) ASTM D-1056

Change in Compression

Deflection ±5%

Water Absorption ASTM D-1056 10% Max
Compression Set (22 Hours @ +212°F/+100°C) ASTM D-1056 25%
Low Temperature Flex (5 Hours @ -67°F) ASTM D-1056 Pass

Data noted above is based on laboratory tests and should be used as a reference only. Further information and additional specifications are available upon request. Tests, claims, representations, and descriptions regarding flammability are based on standard laboratory tests, and they may not be reliable for determining, evaluating, predicting, or describing the flammability or burning characteristics under actual fire conditions, whenever used alone or in combination with other products. Accordingly, each potential user should make an individual determination whether the flammability or burning characteristics of the product are suitable for the purpose intended by the user.